Annual Madinah Diabetes Conference 2022

The Abstract Information

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for location: Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Medina.

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Scientific Program DM world day 2022

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The Event Information

1.     Venue: Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Medina.


2.     Hybrid: (Online Via Microsoft Teams * On Site (

3.     Participant & Audience: All Health Care Workers.

4.     Fees: SR 300

Event Objectives

1. Identify different types of DM & the different ways of management for each type.

2. Discuss best practices for use of digital new technology in DM management.

3. Utilize up-to-date concepts in DM management.

4. Describe the current clinical practice guideline.

5. Discuss with attendees about dealing & appropriate care for difficult patients with DM.

Science Community Members:


Dr. Areej Al-Jumaidi

      Dr. Naweed Al-Zaman

      Dr. Eman Al-Fadhli  

      Dr. Yousef Al Alawi   

      Dr. Zain Al-Ghamdi


The Abstract Information:

Abstract Criteria:(The Best Abstract Award)

This should be limited to a maximum of 500 words and should include the following:

1.     Title of abstract.

2.     Names and contact details of author(s).

3.     The abstract must include the following headings clearly: Introduction and Background, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, references.

Abstracts will be evaluated through a blind review process and scored based on the following criteria:

Ø  Relevance To the Conference Topics.

Ø  Relevance/Interest to The Diabetes Community.

Ø  Quality, Clarity, And Completeness of Abstracts.


Email Of Submission:

Deadline Of Submission: 10th Dec 2022 

Annual Madinah Diabetes Conference 2022 webinar
Annual Madinah Diabetes Conference 2022 survey

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