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Terms and Conditions

Payment policy for registration

Full payment of the registration fee must be made within 72 hours of registration.
If payment is not made within this period, the registration will be canceled.
Payment must be by bank transfer to the Business Links LLC account shown in the “Payment Methods” section either online using electronic bank services or wire transfer.
In either case, please save your receipt for registration purposes.
The participant must write the bank transfer number, the date of the transfer, and the name of the bank on the registration submitted on the site and attach the bank voucher.
Payments can also be made in cash at the venue of the event at the registration desk as a registration fee.
The registration fee is determined at the time of payment.


Registration confirmation

Confirmation of your registration will be emailed within 5 business days upon confirmation of receipt of payment.
If you have not received your confirmation letter after 5 working days, please contact us at info@cranky-wiles.162-241-114-80.plesk.page


Cancellation of registration and refund

You must contact us no later than two weeks before the start of the event, to cancel your registration.
For cancellation, your registration fee will be refunded at less than 30% of the cancellation fee.
No refund will be given for the cancellation of registration after that time.
When requesting deregistration, you must provide us with the name of the registrant, e-mail address, confirmation number, and the amount paid.
Sending cancellation requests is via info@cranky-wiles.162-241-114-80.plesk.page


Questions about registration

For questions, please email us at: info@cranky-wiles.162-241-114-80.plesk.page


Attendance Policy

Attending through a virtual classroom is equivalent to attending a traditional classroom. Please note that the system will track learners’ attendance, participation, and test delivery time to determine if the participant is eligible to receive the certificate.

Some courses require hands-on training to practice the skills. Learners will need to attend this part at the designated location for the practical application in order to be eligible for certification.

Obtaining certificates, continuing medical education hours, and all the consequences of attending an event are subject to the requirements for obtaining this according to each event, including but not limited to: Direct attendance of at least 60% of the conferences, courses, and events approved by live broadcast at the time of their convening are required to Obtaining the certificate and hours, as well as passing exams in order to obtain a certificate and the hours of approved registered courses … etc. A member who has not completed the requirements for obtaining the certificate or hours is not entitled to claim this, nor is he entitled to claim any fees paid when he does not meet those requirements

* The Business Links LLC undertakes not to exceed the allowed number of trainees in the synchronous virtual classes.


Privacy policy

The service provider is keen and committed to respecting the privacy of subscribers in the system packages, maintaining the confidentiality of all their data, and not accessing their own accounts except after the subscriber requests the service provider to do so after providing him with the access data for any purpose the subscriber needs and that requires entering the service provider.

The service provider has the right to use the data for the following purposes:

For the purposes of statistics, conducting research and studies, without disclosing personal data to any of the members, in order to develop the system.

Marketing purposes and communicating with members when subscribing or registering in events or notifying any updates of interest to the member and evaluating the services provided to the Business Links Company and its partners.

Purposes of adding CME hours, issuing certificates, invoices, registration confirmation letters, and others.

Customer service purposes when communicating with the Organ Care Center.

The member can submit a request after communicating with him, cancel notifications, or permanently delete his account from the system, and we note that in the event of permanent deletion of the account, all data, including the member’s certificates of the events he participated in and which are in his profile, as well as access to the Business Links Company platform for all.


Modification of personal data

The member can submit a request to amend his personal data, without prejudice to changing the account holder’s data completely.” The modification can be made by “name and spelling errors” email “mobile number” “specialization” classification number … etc., by communicating with the Member Care Center.


Communication, member service, and technical support

The technical support team works to provide its services to all employees of the platform in several ways, as follows:

  • Email support
  • Direct phone support
  • Support inside the virtual training room
  • Support via the platform’s technical support form

Means of communication:

  • By phone: 0507948142
  • Via Twitter: @Bizlinks_ksa
  • Via email: info@cranky-wiles.162-241-114-80.plesk.page

This is the official means of communication with the Business Links LLC.


Service interruption/service provider interruption

In the event of service interruption, for maintenance and other reasons, the service provider is obligated to compensate the members for the number of days during which the service was interrupted, by extending their subscription period according to the number of days of service interruption.

If the service provider stops providing the service by:
The acquisition of the service provider by another company, at which time the management will move to the acquiring company, and the program and the subscriptions it contains are considered their property and they may continue with this agreement or change what they see fit.

In this case, the service provider is obligated to inform the subscriber before the transfer of ownership, and if the subscriber’s package period has not expired at the time, the service provider obliges the acquiring company to abide by the agreement until the member’s membership subscription expires.


Change the terms and conditions

Business Links Company alone has the right to change the terms and conditions whenever it deems it appropriate, and it will notify the members of any update on the use policy of the terms and conditions.



Registering in www.cranky-wiles.162-241-114-80.plesk.page means: that the subscriber is fully aware and understands all the terms and conditions related to this system, that he has read and agreed to them, and that he is fully committed to them, and he bears responsibility for any violation issued by him or detected through his account in this system.