Leadership & Management in Healthcare Course

Organizational Activity Information
What learning needs or gap(s) in knowledge, attitudes, skills or performance of the intended target audience did the scientific planning committee identify for this activity?

  • Soft skills
  • Leadership theories implementation
  • Managerial functions
  • Strategic Planning
Activity Objectives

What is the aim(s) and learning outcome(s) of the activity?

  • Develop and improve the leadership and managerial skills and competencies of KSMC administrative nursing staff in order to maximize the outcome of nursing care, patient safety, quality of care, staff retention and satisfaction.


  • Improve quality measures in hospitals.
  • Improve staff satisfaction.
  • Improve patient satisfaction.

What are the Goals and learning objective(s) of the activity?

  • Identify leadership and management principles and theories relevant to nursing practice.
  • Apply responsibilities of the nurse leader when planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling and making decisions.
  • Demonstrate management strategies and techniques that nurse manager uses in daily practice.
  • Administers professional standards in directing and evaluating nursing care within area of practice.
  • Identify and improve weaknesses of professional characteristics.
  • Recognize basic principles of Data Management.

Leadership & Management in Healthcare Day 3
Leadership & management in healthcare survey

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